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Too Busy to Help?

We entirely understand.  Our many volunteers will continue to beaver away on your behalf.  Please support them by joining the Ramblers if you have not already done so.


How You Can Help

Kent Ramblers is run entirely by volunteers.  Some put in huge amounts of work and others just a few hours from time to time.

The tasks are very varied.  The most obvious is leading Group walks.  Each of Kent's thirteen Groups has a small committee and officers to plan programmes of walks, organise social events and contribute to Kent-wide projects such as footpath protection and maintenance.  They also have to manage small budgets and promote their activities.

At Area level we oversee large programmes of work undertaken by volunteers.  There are several path maintenance teams and every proposal for a change to the path network has to be examined to ensure that it strikes the right balance between the interests of landowners and walkers.  With around 4500 miles of path in area covered by Kent Ramblers, we are always in need of more volunteers.

Some tasks require special skills but many don't.  Valuable skills include:

  • Using a computer

  • Finance

  • Minute taking

  • Map reading and walk leadership skills

  • Legal

If you don't have the skills for a particular role that you fancy, we will be happy to help you acquire them.  Indeed, volunteering is a great way to acquire new skills and to meet new people.

There has been a lot of research recently showing that volunteering brings real benefits to volunteers as well as the organisations they help.  It is a great way to overcome boredom, loneliness, and stress and improve mental and general wellbeing.  Do yourself a favour.  Do us a favour.

We currently have a particular need for Local Footpath Officers (who have a range of duties including the scrutiny of proposals for path diversions etc.) and Parish Footpath Observers (whose only duty is to walk the paths in their parish and report on any problems).

*** You can see a list of vacancies here ***

For more information on other roles, please email info@kentramblers.org.uk.  We will be happy to discuss how we might make the best use of whatever time and skills you have to offer.