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Contact: Richard Wilkes 01322 528314

Most of our members live in the South East London Area, although quite a few live in the county. We walk in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and sometimes in Essex. We also lead walks in London and the outer boroughs.

We cater for a wide range of requirements. Our programme of walks includes Sunday walks and Wednesday walks of 7 to 9 miles and 10 to 14 miles most weeks.

 We also organise an Amble of 6 to 8 miles every other Wednesday. Some walks are morning or afternoon only or figures of eight. In the summer we organise evening strolls.

 We always take a lunch break at the half way stage of our walks, when we can socialise and enjoy refreshment in a pub or picnic nearby.

 We run Group holidays to destinations in this country and abroad, which are always well attended and of very good value.

 We hold training courses as and when there is a demand, for those who would like to learn how to navigate and read a map, and get some tips, if you would like to lead walks sometime.

We are a very friendly group who welcome people of all ages. 


The red outline on the map shows the extent of the Group's area.

New members within this area are allocated to North West Kent Group

unless they choose otherwise. Members can be allocated to whichever

Group they choose but can in any case join any walk organised

by any Group whether in Kent or elsewhere in Great Britain.

Chairman: Stuart 020 8467 9419

Deputy Chairman: Jack 020 8306 0895

Secretary: Janet 020 8854 6722




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