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Old Pembury, Capel and Tudeley

Length: 6.9 miles (3h 20m)

OS Map: Explorer 136 (Start at grid reference TQ626429)

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Start from Old Pembury Church adjacent to Kent College.  There are a few parking spaces by the church but not enough for the cars of a large group.

Head downhill from church past entrance to Senior School to crossroads.  Bear left across entrance to Prep School to wooden gate.  Go through into field and bear left along path with college on left.  Cross footbridge over ditch and continue in same direction, then bearing slightly right past oak tree to stile.  On other side bear slightly left across field to another stile.  Over this stile continue in same direction to gate a few metres right of protruding corner of wood.

Inside wood, turn left and follow path parallel to boundary on left.  At corner turn right and follow path to bridge over stream.  Climb steep bank at far side and then take path inside wood but close to fence on left.  At stile emerge into field and follow right hand edge to gate on right.  Through gate go ahead for 70 metres past pond on left then through gate on left.  Follow left hand edge of orchard until fence on left turns a corner.  Continue ahead, bearing very gradually to right towards fence on right and follow it to corner.  Through gate, follow right hand edge of field to pond ahead and go through gate on right.  Head across orchard, keeping to right of house, down to Amherst Bank Road.

Cross road to gate and turn left along top of field to gate into orchard.  Bear left alongside pond for 60 metres then bear right downhill through orchard.  On reaching valley bottom follow path through gate into wood along valley and then along left hand side of field to Alder Road.

Go straight across through gate and along left hand edge of field.  At corner go through gate and along left hand edge of next field.  At next corner turn right through metal pedestrian gate, donít go into next field but follow hedge along left hand edge of field, round to left and along to metal pedestrian gate at far end of field.  Through gate follow path alongside fence on right to track.  Go forward, bear right, go over bridge then stile and turn left with stream on left.  Soon cross back over stream, soon go straight across drive and along path between fences.  At T-junction turn left.  Entering field through pedestrian gate, turn left along middle of long, narrow field with triple oast house on left.  On reaching drive by another oast house with strange structure on top, turn right and follow to Sychem Lane.

Turn left and after houses end take path on right across middle of field.  Nearing far side, bear left past pond (not readily visible in scrub on right) and then turn right to Church Lane.

Turn left and on reaching entrance to churchyard on right take path past church.  Just before gate leading to newer burial area, bear right to stile into field.  Bear half right across field to protruding corner then half right again along field edge with hedge on right.  At corner turn left and at next corner turn right through wood down to Five Oak Green Road.

Turn left.  At George and Dragon cross road to path opposite and follow uphill across field to copse.  Turn right with copse on left to corner then left at next corner alongside copse and straight across short stretch of field to protruding woodland.  Continue to corner of field and bear right into next field.  Cross field then follow left hand edges of fields to Sherenden Road.

Turn left for 80 metres then turn right along drive at Bank Farm.  After just a few metres go through gate on left then bear right heading directly away from road past large barn on right (well hidden behind tall hedge in summer).  Continue in same direction through two hedges into field.  Head across field towards prominent Tudeley church.  Past church go down track to Five Oak Green Road.

Go straight across to gap in hedge and turn left on permissive path along left hand edge of field.  On reaching corner turn left, cross Five Oak Green Road and turn right along footway.  At sharp corner cross road very carefully and take footpath through scrub.  Follow path uphill, emerging in due course with woodland on left an open fields on right.  Keep going in same direction to Knowle Bank.  Here turn right follow diverted path that takes three sides of a square round the house and stables to emerge on asphalt drive.  Turn right and follow drive to Dislingbury Road (also known as Half Moon Lane).

Turn left then right at first junction into Pembury Hall Road.  After 215 metres (soon after passing lowest point of road) take path on left into woods, emerging before long in the grounds of Kent College.  Bear left along asphalt drive and soon reach Pembury Old Church on left.  Go through churchyard to return to parking area.

Points of Interest

All Saints Church, Tudeley

The church is primarily known for stained glass by Marc Chagall, commissioned by the then owners of nearby Somerhill Sir Henry and Lady díAvigdor Goldsmid, in memory of their daughter who drowned in 1963.

Public Transport

The best place to join the walk by bus is in Tudely, either by the church or by the Turmeric Gold Indian restaurant.  Service 208 runs between Tonbridge Castle and Paddock Wood, roughly hourly from Monday to Friday, less frequently on Saturday and not at all on Sunday.

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