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How to Win a Bridge

This article from the September 1993 issue of Kent Area News describes another example of the benefits to all walkers secured by the work of Ramblers' volunteers in Kent.

How to Win a Bridge

Pat Wilson, Footpath Secretary for Gravesham and a past Area Footpath Secretary, notched up another success when, at a public inquiry, KCC agreed to provide a bridge for footpath 161 over the A2 from Cobham Park to Shorne as part of the Wainscott Northern Bypass Scheme.  KCC had proposed only a long alternative route alongside the trunk road offering a return journey of about 40 minutes accompanied by appalling traffic noise.

A more detailed description of this case was published in the recent edition of South Eastern Rambler.  What is worth emphasising here is that Pat, as part of her submission, was able to provide information on actual usage of this path from records.  Pat says: "with the ever increasing threat of major road schemes in Kent, I cannot emphasise enough how vital it is to have evidence available on usage of paths.  To this end, I do encourage all Groups to keep permanently on file all their walks programmes with details of dates, routes, leaders and numbers taking part.  It can make the difference between winning and losing a path.  Or even a bridge!"

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