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We are Kent Area of the Ramblers’ Association – one of around fifty such Areas in Great Britain.  Within the Area are eleven geographically based Groups and two Groups specifically for younger people – one for West Kent and one for East Kent.

You are normally allocated to the Group in whose Area you live but you can choose to be allocated to a different Group or to no Group at all.  Whichever Group you join, you can walk with any Group, either in Kent or anywhere else in Britain.  The Walks Finder on the national Ramblers web site enables you to select the walk you most fancy on any particular day.

Although we are called “Kent” Area, our territory actually includes the London boroughs of Bexley and Bromley and also Medway unitary authority.

The Groups are mainly responsible for organising our ever-popular programmes of led walks, social activities and some of our footpath work.

Each Group has a committee to organise its own activities but also nominates two representatives to Area Council which is responsible for supporting Groups and organising activities at Area level.  These include:

  • Much of our footpath work including management and coordination of scores of volunteers and liaison with the rights of way team at Kent County Council and the other relevant local authorities

  • Publicity including organising attendance at countryside events (with the support of volunteers from Groups) and maintaining a web site for Area and some Groups

  • Promoting walking including sponsoring walking festivals

  • Countryside protection including examination of planning applications that might affect the use or enjoyment of public rights of way

  • Special projects - currently we are working to ensure that the coastal access legislation introduced in 2009 is implemented in Kent to the fullest benefit of walkers [more...]

  • Representation on various organisations such as Local Access Forums

While many people belong to the Ramblers to join our Groups’ led walks, at least as many belong simply to support the work we do maintaining and protecting the footpath network against the many threats to its continued excellence.  We don’t mind why you join us – we need your support to enable us to look after the footpaths and we need a larger membership to give us more influence with central government and local authorities.  You need us and our scores of dedicated volunteers to ensure that your favourite footpaths remain open and usable.

Area Contacts as at 14 March 2017

Area Chairman Alison Hargreaves Contact by email
Area Vice Chairman Neville Machin 01322 864277
Area Vice Chairman Margaret Lubbock 01304 831011
Area Secretary Robert Peel 01689 829895

Area Treasurer

Ray Lawrence

01622 717316

Public Rights of Way Manager Averil Brice 01303 892252
Public Rights of Way Administration Officer Glynis Clifton 01474 564019
Membership Secretary Terry Coen 01322 866776
Web Editor

Margaret Lubbock

01304 831011
For general enquiries relating to Kent Area, please email

Area Constitution

The activities of the Area are governed by a constitution approved by the Annual General Meeting and by the Board of Trustees

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