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Stepping Out: Walks for Carers

Herne Bay: 29 September 2017

The “Stepping Out” with Carers’ walk in Herne Bay provided all-comers with a novelty.  It rained – slightly.  We had become used to a unspoken deal with the weather to keep the sunshine turned up to maximum but the stroll along the prom to the famous clocktower and pier was conducted in its usual conviviality.

We had a celebrity in our midst.  Pat Worlledge, former Kent carnival Queen of Queens for seven years recurring, came along with husband, Ian, to enjoy the fresh – if slightly damp-laden – air.

“It was an absolutely wonderful day,” said Pat afterwards, the former Miss Whitstable, who has a back condition that requires the use of a wheelchair. “I so enjoyed seeing Ian walking off with other people without worrying about me.  Seeing him happy and chatting away is very, very important for him.  I don’t want him to give up on his on things.  I want him to stay fit and well.”

This is a very common theme of the Carers’ Walks: the value of going out together somewhere scenic and sociable and fun.  To share the experience and yet enjoy the opportunity of having an independent chat amongst friends.  Or just take pleasure in the enlivening feeling of a walk in the fresh air.

“I think I’d become a bit – well, there’s no other word for it but ‘lazy’ really – after a hip operation,” said Ian.  It was all too easy to use four wheels to go somewhere instead of my two legs.  But as a result of our day with you all, I’ve started to walk from home into town or if I go to the supermarket I park at the far end of the car park just to give myself a few extra steps.  I very much want to keep it up and Pat is encouraging me all the way.

“We had a marvellous time of the day. And we were utterly amazed at the hospitality. We enjoyed the lunch snack so much that we went back to the restaurant a few days later for their Sunday lunch to celebrate a family birthday.

“There’s no doubt we’ll be joining you for the last walk at Aylesford Priory. We’re looking forward to it very much.”

Details of the Aylesford walk on 27th October can also be found on this website.

*Many thanks to The Petit Poisson, Herne Bay, for their welcome and mid-walk sustenance.