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Walk 107

Walk 107: Mayfield South Circular


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Distance: 8.1 Miles (4 Hours)

OS Map: Explorer 135 and 136 (Start at grid reference TQ587269)

OK, so this one is not in Kent but over the border in East Sussex.  But not very far over and it's a very fine walk across quite remote terrain -  a bit more of a challenge  than the average walk on our site and no refreshments en route I'm afraid.

Park in the free car park off the south side of Mayfield high street.

Leave the car park and turn left along South Street then left down Vale Road. About halfway down take a path on the right just past a white weatherboarded house. Go downhill between fences and across three fields into a wood. Cross a stream and climb a bank at the far side, bearing slightly right over stile and into a field – follow the left hand edge to reach a farm track. Cross and take path to right of gateway along left hand edge of field to wood and into road. Turn right and follow road; just past second house on right take track on left downhill and across bridge over disused railway track.

Keep left through wooden gates and follow track past farm buildings; after last building on right bear right to stile (this is not where the path is shown on the OS map). Follow left hand edges of two fields and into wood. Cross footbridge over stream and follow left hand edge of another field uphill to gate. On other side, bear left to a stile by a gate and cross farm track to gate. Walk parallel to left hand edge of field to footbridge and on the other side bear diagonally right across field to gate. Continue in same direction to corner of next field, bear left through gate and onto rough track. Turn right and bear right uphill through farm.

Just past converted barn on right, take track through farm on left until it bears left. Go through gate straight ahead and up sunken track until it emerges into field. Go straight uphill, through gate and on to track. Bear right to fingerpost. Go through gate on left and bear right across fields and several stiles valley. On descending towards valley, make for a stile and finger post just beyond an electricity pylon and enter wood, descending gradually through to a footbridge. Across the bridge head up a sunken track along the left hand side of field and bear right at the top to a gate. Through gate, bear left steeply up a field to a gate into the garden of a house. Bear slightly left and head for gate to left of house (this is not where the path is shown on the OS map). Cross drive to gate in hedge opposite and head down field (used as an airstrip – look for the hangar on your left) towards gate. Go down right hand side of next field and bear slightly left to path into wood at the bottom. Cross a stream and carry straight on through the wood, crossing a broader track, cross another stream and a stile into a field. Head up the field towards white house and at top go through gate on right. Follow path round the house and up onto bridge over disused railway. Continue along drive to a lane.

Cross to stile and follow a path downhill, over several stiles, to valley bottom. Cross stream and take path uphill into field and through gate by farm into concrete track. Follow track past farm buildings and when it turns right go through gate ahead. Go straight across to another gate and stile then follow bottom edge of field beyond then past some houses to road.

Turn left until, near post box on left, path goes through gate on right into a garden. Follow edge of garden, bearing left to leave through a small iron gate beside some larger iron gates. Bear right down field towards wood at bottom and keep right onto track around edge of wood. Emerge through gate into field and bear right uphill along field edge. Don’t take path on right at top but continue downhill to stile and down to footbridge over stream.

On the other side, bear left in front of house then just past house bear right to stile through hedge into field. Go straight across field to gate and along right hand edge of next field. In corner cross footbridge and turn left along track through untidy farm yard. Follow track right and briefly left then bear right uphill over stile into field. Follow right hand edge of field to stile by farm track. Don’t join the track but take path on left leading downhill along full length of field far pointed corner.

Cross the footbridge and follow the left hand edges of two fields to stile into woods. Cross footbridge and follow path, bearing right quite soon so that you are walking parallel to stream, until path emerges over stile into field. Head straight up field to stile and cross the next field diagonally to stile into wood. Continue between fences, passing Round Wood of Mayfield, to the valley bottom. On the other side climb a stile, follow path through wood, over another stile, across a field into lane. Turn left and at corner turn right. Keep the hedge on your right and follow edge of field. Before reaching corner bear right down bank into wood and out the other side. Follow right hand edge of field until it bears right, then carry on straight across field to woodland and follow left hand edge of two fields to finger post at corner. Turn left to climb stile in next corner then turn right across a couple of fields to footbridge. Follow left hand edge of several more fields to lane.

Turn right along lane, past several houses uphill until a sharp right turn. Go through gap straight ahead and follow clear path down to footbridge. On the other side there appears to be a choice of route – keep right and follow path between fences past Hooper’s Farm and up lane. At junction, take footpath straight ahead and at top turn right to car park.

Common spotted orchid, spotted just south of Mayfield

Reopened Paths

Some sections of path on this walk were for many years blocked and finally reopened in 2013 with new bridge and stiles thanks to seven years of campaigning by Kent and Sussex Ramblers and, eventually, hard work by East Sussex County Council.  Please support us so that we can get more obstructed paths reopened.

Our book of Ten Favourite Walks in the Kent Countryside has routes for ten more walks like this one.

Ramblers' volunteers in Kent work tirelessly to ensure that our paths are as well protected and maintained as possible.  Of course we also organise led walks but most of our members are independent walkers who simply want to support our footpath work.  Please join us and become a supporter too.  You need us and we really need you.

If you find that the directions and map for this walk are incorrect in any way, please report the problem to

Map based on Ordnance Survey mapping released into the public domain under the OpenData agreement.

Photograph by Robert Peel

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