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We’re now passing from Spring into Summer. The varied selection of walks that were led by your walk leaders in the last programme will have taken you through the lovely Kent countryside, on the way seeing the trees turning from their winter bareness through to fresh new greenery. You will also have seen the first snowdrops, primroses and a wonderful covering of bluebells in the woods.  I must not forget to mention Bruce's annual Rhododendron walk through Cannizaro and the Isabella Plantation, which is in Richmond Park.  The Rhododendrons in May are spectacular! I must once again put in a request for more walk leaders to come forward. If you would like to give it a try, I know one of the experienced leaders will be on hand to help get you started.  None of us is getting any younger and I expect you all know by now that I am unable to do a walk at present, let alone lead one! 

The annual lunch in January was once again very successful, but was not so well-attended this year. It was suggested that perhaps members would prefer to go back to a Christmas Lunch when there was more atmosphere.  What do you think?

 In March the Quiz was well-attended as usual. Yours truly did not know all the answers this time as the usual Quizmaster was once again available.  I joined a team and hoped I would be able to help with a few of the answers! 

Our thanks go to Kym for getting us started on Facebook and managing it for us.  She has decided to step down from this and Gillian has taken up the reins. Thankyou Gillian! Also, thanks to Chris for organising the May Bank Holiday so expertly and to those who volunteered to lead the walks on the weekend. It isn’t an easy task leading walks unseen, but they did a grand job even if we did get a bit lost!!!

 Happy walking,

 Margaret - Chairman

‘I’m sure we had more ramblers with us earlier!’

‘Don’t fall in!’
Taking a well-earned break