Canterbury Ramblers' News


Since the new General Data Protection Regulations came into effect in May 2018, Ramblers Central Office has advised local groups that we can communicate with our members by post, but that emails will only be permitted if the individual has positively opted in.

A large number of you have not opted in, so our postage costs have increased significantly (as well as the time spent printing everything off and stuffing the envelopes).

If you wish to receive emails from the Canterbury group, including  our walks programme, newsletter and occasional important messages about last minute changes to upcoming walks, then you must opt in to receiving emails.

If You have already ticked “Ramblers may contact me by email” in your account on the Ramblers website,  then – thank you , you don’t have to do anything else.

Otherwise, you can opt in to emailed information by visiting the Ramblers’ website   If you click on “Login” right at the top you can quickly sign in or create an account, and then update your contact preferences.

These contact preferences apply equally to communications from Central Office, from Kent Ramblers and from your local Canterbury group as we all now have to use the same central database.

Neither we nor Ramblers Central Office sends many emails, so you won’t be inundated with them.

The Ramblers new "Walking Holiday Provider"

As from October 2014 the "walking holiday provider" for the Ramblers will be Ramblers Worldwide Holidays (RWH). If any of our members book a holiday with RWH then the Canterbury group can benefit financially by mentioning "the walking partnership" when booking. See more at


The Ramblers communication regarding the new holiday provider can be seen by clicking here